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$ From 6.99

Bone in naked wings or bonless breaded wings


Chula Mild

Chula Hot

Spicy Garlic

Mango Habanero

Chipotle Honey Barbeque

Sweet with a litthe spice-honey, dijon mustard, barbecue sauce and chipotle

Lemon Pepper

El Fuego

Super Hot!! Our signature sauce , made from habanero peppers, honey, barbecue sauce, chipotle peppers and chili arbol

Por 6 $6.99 Por 12 $10.99 (drums) or $11.49 (Flats) Por 18 $15.99 (drums) or $16.9 (flats) Por 50 $38.99 (drums) or $40.49 (Flats)

Bonless wings

*Dressing for wings: Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Blue Cheese
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Bone in naked wings or bonless breaded wings

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